A Fangtastic Halloween Beverage Everyone Will Love: Dracula’s Blood Cocktail or Mocktail

Get into the Halloween Spirit this year with my Dracula’s Blood Cocktail or Mocktail! This is a bright, fruity, sweet, tangy, spooky concoction that gets drizzled with luxardo maraschino cherry syrup to give the beverage that extra cherry flavor and “Dracula’s Blood” effect. This can be enjoyed as a cocktail or event a mocktail by easily eliminating the liquor. When served over ice it is so refreshing and festive that you will want to suck this blood red cocktail down like Dracula himself!

Vampires have been apart of Halloween traditions for as long as I can remember. They have made multiple apperances in movies, books and tv shows for adults and children over the years. It was only fitting to include them in my Halloween celebration this year!

This cocktail is punch like with an old fashioned twist. I mixed it as a punch which is great because you can make this in bulk by doubling or tripling the recipe. But, then when I served it, I served it with one large ice cube in the middle, garnished it with an orange peel, a maraschino cherry and drizzled it with more maraschino syrup.

So, dress to impress, grab your favorite cocktail glasses and celebrate this halloween in style!

Makes 1 Cocktail or Mocktail, INGREDIENTS:

1/4 Cup hawaiian fruit punch

1/4 Cup clear rum (Eliminate if you are making a Mocktail)

One shot of fresh orange juice

Few dashes of cherry bitters (2-4 dashes)

1 TSP Rose’s grenadine syrup

1/3 Cup Topo Chico

1 Maraschino cherry plus extra syrup, for garnish

One orange peel, for garnish


  1. In a shaker, mix together: Hawaiian fruit punch, clear rum, orange juice, cherry bitters and grenadine syrup. Using a bar spoon, stir to mix well. If you prefer to shake, make sure you place the top on tight and shake for a few seconds.

  2. Pour cocktail into your glass and top topo chico and garnish with a maraschino cherry, extra cherry syrup and an orange peel.

  3. Sit back and sip pretty. ENJOY!


  1. Bat Double Old Fashioned Glasses are from Crate and Barrel

  2. Bar Tool Kit

  3. Skeleton Drink Holders are from Target

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