A Taste of Christmas: Eggnog Baby Dutch Pancake

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

If you didn’t already know, eggnog is not only for drinking, but it is for eating it too! This healthier festive version of a baby dutch pancake will give you a little taste of Christmas and all of the Christmas feels. It is large, it is fluffy and it is the perfect breakfast or brunch item during the holiday season. Make this on any given weekend or on Christmas morning and your loved ones will be gathered around the table ready to devour within minutes.

If you‘ve never had a baby dutch pancake, it is not too late! This is a super simple and super tasty breakfast or brunch item that only takes 5 minutes to prep and 15 minutes to make. So, to simply put it, you will have happy and full tummies in an easy 20 minutes! What’s not to love about that!?

When the batter gets poured into the pan and baked to puffy golden perfection, I can guarantee your loved ones eyes will light up when they see it and and they will be sayings all of the ooh’s and ahh’s!

I wanted to add a little festive touch to the traditional baby dutch. I incorporated Trader Joe’s Almond Eggnog. It is slightly healthier and not overly sweet, it just adds the nice hint of eggnog and almond flavor. It is the perfect holiday treat. Another great thing about this is that you can dress it up however you would like. My family loves blueberries and bananas, but you can top your eggnog baby dutch with your favorite fruits, syrups, whipped creams and butter.

So, Real Quick...What Exactly is a Baby Dutch?

Great question! A baby dutch pancake is also known as a german pancake, a bismarck or a dutch puff. When I say that it is puffy and fluffy, I mean that the sides and edges will puff up during the baking process. It will not be a thick fluffy pancake that has a lot of air pockets in the middle. The baby dutch pancake gets baked in the oven as opposed to cooked in a pan over the stove. The middle will have a crepe like consistency. It should be on the thinner side.

This holiday season and all of the ones to follow, give your family the pleasure of not only being able to wake up to the smell of Christmas, but the taste of it too. Don’t waste time standing over a stove flipping pancakes, instead pop this in your oven and enjoy the time with your loved ones!

Tag @prettyplatebymichelle or #prettyplatebymichelle on instagram if you made this. I would love to see how it turned out!


1/2 Cup all purpose flour

1/4 Cup Trader Joe’s almond eggnog

1/4 Cup whole milk

4 Eggs

1 TSP vanilla extract

1/8 TSP cinnamon

1/8 TSP nutmeg

1 TSP sugar

2 TBSP butter (for melting on the pan prior to adding batter)


  1. In a bowl whisk together: 1/2 Cup all purpose flour, 1/4 Cup Trader Joe’s almond eggnog, 1/4 Cup whole milk, 4 Eggs, 1 TSP vanilla extract, 1/8 TSP cinnamon, 1/8 TSP nutmeg, 1 TSP sugar.

  2. Preheat your oven to 475 degrees.

  3. Add your 2 TBSP butter to your cast iron skillet and place in the oven to heat up the pan and melt. Once melted remove from oven and add your batter.

  4. When oven is done pre-heating add the cast iron with the batter in it back in.

  5. Bake at 475 degrees for 15 minutes.

  6. When done, remove from heat and serve immediately with syrup and your favorite toppings.

  7. ENJOY!!!

NOTE: I used a 10” cast iron skillet


  1. Cast Iron Skillet Set

  2. White Ceramic Syrup Pitcher

  3. Hearth and Hand Black Matte Bowl

  4. Hand Held Powder Sugar Shaker

  5. Hearth and Hand Black Matte Measuring Cups Set

  6. Mixing Bowls Set

  7. OXO Mini Whisk

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