Avocado Toast that is Equally Tasty as it is Pretty

This is all I've Avo wanted, especially at the start of a new week! I started my week off with the prettiest heirloom tomato avocado toast and I can guarantee that it is equally tasty as it is pretty.

Here I put all of my favorite things on grilled 12 grain bread: sliced avocado, baby heirloom tomatoes, feta cheese crumbles, fresh dill stems, crushed red pepper flakes, everything bagel seasoning, fresh squeezed lemon juice and olive oil.

This was truly so satisfying not just to look at, but it was full of all of the good stuff to give me energy for the entire day!


12 grain bread slice, grilled

1 avocado, sliced

3/4 cup baby heirloom tomatoes

1-2 TBSP feta cheese crumbles

Everything bagel seasoning

1 TBSP fresh dill stems

Half of a lemon

1/4 TSP crushed red pepper flakes

Olive oil


  1. Heat a grill pan over medium to high heat and drizzle a little olive oil in the pan. Place toast on the pan and grill for 7 minutes on each side until toast has grill marks and is nice and toasty.

  2. Slice avocado and set aside.

  3. Rinse and slice tomatoes and set aside.


  1. Take half of your sliced avocados and place them vertical as shown on the left side of the toast.

  2. Take the other half of your sliced avocados and place them towards the other top right corner of the toast and place them horizontal.

  3. Using your sliced tomatoes, create a diagonal line in between the avocado slices.

  4. Top with feta crumbles, red pepper flakes, everything bagel seasoning

  5. Garnish with a few dill sprigs here and there

  6. Drizzle with a little olive oil and lemon juice

  7. ENJOY!

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