The Charcuterie Experiment: Building your own Epic Board

I'll have cheese with a side of more cheese, pretty please!

I am feeling all the Gouda vibes this week as I prepare for the weekend ahead and yes, I am already day dreaming about the weekend. Can you blame me!? My epic charcuterie board that is shown below is filled with: smoked gouda, provolone, 10 month aged manchego, orange chèvre, white cheddar, dill fontal, assorted crackers, cranberry nut and chia seed crisps, fig jam, chocolate covered graham crackers, berries, candied walnuts, soppressata and salami. This spread has been one of my favorites to date because it truly covers all aspects of savory and sweet on one platter.

Building charcuterie boards are so fun because you are given a blank slate to then create your own masterpiece. So, I wanted to give you guys a little tip for your next charcuterie experiment: next time you are at the store, stock up on some of the shelf items to easily create one of these beauties such as dried fruits (if you do not want the fresh ones to go bad right away), nuts, chocolates, crackers, off the shelf pickled vegetables, jams, etc. and then, pair them with some new cheeses and meats. There are three benefits to taking this approach:

  • You will be pleasantly surprised with the combinations you can come up with.

  • Those off the shelf items will just sit pretty in your pantry for a longer period of time.

  • You can get multiple uses out of them.

So, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to one of these and start your weekend off right!

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