Kitchen Must Haves

Marble Knife Holder with a Kapoosh Insert

Say hello to one of the most stylish and safe ways to store your favorite knives. It has easy access and will add that nice elegant touch to any counter top.

Global 3 Piece Starter Knife Set

One of my favorite everyday sets that includes: a paring knife, a utility knife and a chef's knife.

OXO Flip and Fold Small Omelet Silicone Spatula

The perfect spatula that holds the perfect shape for flipping omelets, quesadillas, and more! It has a soft grip handle and a flexible head for easily shaping and gripping foods in your pan.

OXO Large Salad Spinner

Salad are life. Am I right or am I right? I could live off them. If you are like me and eat salads everyday this is a must have in your kitchen! Easy to use and you have the easy of knowing your leafy greens are clean!

Cosori 5.8 QT. Air Fryer

Features 13 different cooking options, sleek black color and a larger capacity for air frying more items at once. There is also a pre-heat and keep warm option. I use mine at least twice a week!

Duralex Glass Bowls, Set of 10

These work as multi-purpose bowls and I use them for everything and anything. Whether I am prepping before cooking, mixing someone up or serving a dish they work great for everything and they come in 10 different sizes.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 5 QT. Dutch Oven

Cast iron dutch that is great for soups, stews, pastas plus more! I love the two handles which makes it easy for carrying or transporting and the lid that helps keep the heat in when cooking.

Cuisinart 13 Cup Food Processor with Dicing Kit

Tackle all of that food prep with one handy appliance. This all purpose food processor chops, dices, slices and shreds.

Marble Salt Cellar with Pink Salt

Modern style top with a clear glass container to beautifully display your pink salts.