October 9, 2021

Pretty Plate Nutty Lucky Leprechaun Mix

This snack is nutty, sweet, salty and crunchy. Not to mention, it’s so fun, colorful and festive. Makes for a perfect snack for both adults and children!

Whether you’re craving something sweet or you are in need of a festive last minute treat this is the easiest recipe you could make. It is perfect to bring to an event or have for you and your loved ones to snack on at the house.

In my opinion, every good mix has to have nuts in them. Most of them include common ones such as almonds or pecans. I wanted to put the spotlight on one that I find to be a little underrated: macadamia nuts. I have always loved these, they have such a nice crunch to them and the perfect nutty flavor. Of course I am also a peanut lover, so this was also a must to include. Overall, adding a nutty flavor to the mix of sweet and salty perfectly balances it between flavors and textures.

When it comes to the mix as a whole, I try not to be that person that specifically picks out only the things I like or my favorite things in the bunch such as the marshmallows or the chex cereal. However, sometimes I can’t help it, you know that feeling all too well, am I right!? Well the one thing that I love about this mix, is that the chocolate molds to all of the pieces together so when you break it apart there are chunks and you get a little bit of everything with each bite! No picking out your favorites here.

Now, with that being said, BRB I am going to go make another batch of this and indulge because somehow the first one just magically disappeared!

Did you make this? If so, make sure to tag and follow @prettyplatebymichelle on instagram or leave a comment below and let me know what you thought! I would love to see your Pretty Plate and hear from you!

Pretty Plate Nutty Lucky Leprechaun Mix

This St. Patrick‘s Day, the only thing you need is this Nutty Lucky Leprechaun Mix! Just a few bites of this and it will bring all of the luck your way all day! Just kidding. But, seriously after a few bites I can guarantee you won’t be able to stop!



  • 5 Cups lucky charms
  • 3 Cups plain chex cereal
  • 1 Cup classic plain peanuts, Planters
  • 1 Cup natural macadamia nuts, Royal Hawaiian
  • 2 Cups mini pretzels, Snyder’s
  • 20 Oz melting white chocolate, Ghirardelli
  • Rainbow non-pareils (sprinkles)
  1. In a bowl add: 5 cups lucky charms, 3 cups plain chex mix, 1 cup classic plain peanuts, 1 cup natural macadamia nuts and 2 cups mini pretzels. Set aside.
  2. Heat a non-stick pot over low heat. Add you melting white chocolate and melt over low heat until smooth, about 3-5 minutes.
  3. Once white chocolate is fully melted and smooth, pour over your bowl of cereal, nuts and pretzels. Using two serving utensils toss to mix well and make sure all areas and items have been covered with the chocolate.
  4. Transfer your white chocolate covered mix to one or two baking sheets that are covered with parchment paper. Spread out to an even layer.
  5. Let sit for 30 minutes until chocolate has hardened. When done, break apart and enjoy immediately. Store any leftovers in an air tight container.
  6. ENJOY!
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October 19, 2021
So delicious!